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TOMECO is proud to be the leading industrial fan manufacturer in Vietnam. We work for our belief that insdustrial fan products are like suits, the tailer manufactured one always fit your systems more and bring you better values. With 25 years accumulating expriences and building credibility, we have offered tens of thousands of trulys customized fans for worldwide customers from Asia, Europe, American, Africa.
Our people are the core of what we do and, supported by industry leading engineering and our extensive track record, we build relationships that offer true, long-term value. The competencies and differences of TOMECO are made by a team of around 150 skilled and passinate employess. They are highly connected in work by an effective management system, which are built based on ISO 9001:2015 standard and other advanced management tools.
We design and fabricate industrial fans in most industries, particularly in the power generation, petrochemical, mining, steelingmaking and cement manufacture sectors. Our fans are famous for their reliability, high performance and innovative technology.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Hanoi 53 Nguyen Xien





Japanese / English / Vietnamese

Centrifugal Fan, Axial Fan

Mechanical Component

Mechanical OEM's product

Vingroup Joint Stock Company

General Electric Corp- United States

ENKEI Viet Nam

Elibeck Cranes - Australia

Greens Combustion - United Kingdom

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Dust & Grain Conveying Fan

TOMECO dust & grain conveying fans are equipped with 6-bladed steel radial wheels designed for the toughest industrial environments. Flat blade surfaces prevent material build-up or deposits and are easy to clean. Wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth long-lasting operation, keye...

Fan for agriculture industry

TOMECO Fan designs and manufactures fans for the wide variety of air moving applications required by individual farmers and ranchers, as well as coops, food processors, and other agribusiness concerns. From drying, to drying, to processing, storing and packaging all types of agricultural products. T...

Fans For Cement Industry

TOMECO has nearly 30 year experience to supply fans for virtually every application surrounding the cement manufacturing process. Our experience in designing and testing allows us to manufacture the fans that deliver high reliability in a dusty, abrasive, high-temperature cement plant environment. D...

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