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See you at Manufacturing EXPO 2021 !!
We are going to show our Free Navigation AGV and AGV at Manufacturing EXPO
Manufacturing EXPO will open 1/Nov - 4/Nov at BITEC
Please come to see our Free Navigation AGV !!

CREFORM yazaki is subsidiary of Yazaki Kako Corporation (Japan)
We promote our product AGV / CREFORM / Karakuri / Pokayoke-Lamp in order to support Kaizen.
We want struggle to improve Genba with you
We will challenge to make suggestion by using our product and experience

Free Navigation AGV
We have AGV that can run without using Magnetic tape
No need to worry maintenance magnetic tape / protector tape anymore
We are doing demonstration !!

AGV --- Japan Quality
Since 2002, we are selling AGV in Thailand
We sold more than 10000 set of AGV already in Thailand
Depends on your demand, we can customize AGV from simple Pulling type AGV up to Fully-Automated-AGV with Auto Feed
We want to discuss with you how to develop your Supply System through our AGV

Karakuri --- からくり
We create Karakuri by using CREFORM and string, steel, etc.

CREFORM ( Pipe & Joint System )
Since 1966, CREFORM ( Pipe & Joint System ) is loved to a lot of people and factories.
This is our Original Product
Our Founder thought somehow we can make things freely like birds nest by trees.
Nowadays, CREFORM ( Pipe & Joint System ) is used in Japan, USA, Europe, Thailand and other countries
We also have ESD (Conductive) Pipe, Aluminum Pipe, Stainless Pipe
Regarding Roller (Placon), we have a lot of variety from φ15mm until φ41mm

Pokayoke Lamp ( Pick to Light )
Combination of Parts 60 Controller with Anywore Lamp
Fast & Easy Set Up
Simple Operation
We also have Parallel Lamp (Gree/Red)
It is easy to attach with CREFORM used for showing OK/NG

Basic info


Kingdom of Thailand Pathum Thani Klong Luang, Klong Nueng 9/103 Moo 5, Phaholyothin Road





Japanese / English / Thai

coming soon

AGV (Free Navigation AGV, AGV)

CREFORM (Pipe & Joint System)

Pokayoke Lamp (Pick to Light)


Business negotiation

AGV Drive unit Thai

Yazaki AGV Drive unit Module (Made in Japan) Mainly , we have Forward type and Forward & Reverse type Each type have several model depends on Speed and Loading Capacity Our AGV is better if you want to make your own AGV And also it is better when you need completed AGV We have optional par...

AGV Thai

Yazaki AGV (Made in Japan) will be met demands of you Stable operation by Japan Quality Since 1994, Yazaki started to sell and develop AGV You can select a lot of variety of types of AGV Or our standard AGV is also available We also have Free Navigation AGV !!

Parts 60, Picking Lamp Controller, Thai

Yazaki made simple & easy controller for stand-alone picking system Used with Anywire Lamp (Can't use show digit type) Easy Setup Easy Operation

Pokayoke Lamp (Pick to Light) Thai

Pokayoke Picking Lamp (Made in Japan) Easy Set up Parts 60 Controller

Caster Thai

In addition to Special Caster for CREFORM, we have a lot of variety of caster ESD / Conductive Caster Caster for Food Factory Caster on CREFORM Pipe

Flat Cart Thai (GN-400

Flat Cart by Yazaki Kako (GN-400) Light weight but strong (Load Capacity 100kg) Nylon Caster is standard ( Rubber caster also available ) ESD / Conductive also available

Low Height Placon (Roller) Thai

Because of Low Height Placon, you can optimize space Wheel (Roller) is φ18mm . Wide Type No need to worry operator hit and broken

Plastic Container , Plastic Box

Plastic Container made by Yazaki Kako Since 1963, Yazaki Kako are making many types of Plastic Box We also have ESD / Conductive Plastic Box We can make partition, cushion using inside box

AGV Model / Spec Thai

Introduce Model / Spec of our Yazaki AGV (AGV Drive unit is made in Japan) There are Forward Type, Forward & Reverse Type. Each of these have 12VDC type and 24VDC type As for Special type, Small AGV, 4 Direction AGV, 4 Direction 2t AGV

CREFORM, Pipe & Joint System, Thai

CREFORM, Pipe & Joint System by Yazaki Kako since 1966 ( Mainly made in Japan ) Depends on your demand, we consider the design Work Table, Trolley, Shooter, Shelf, Karakuri, etc. In case assemble CREFORM by yourself, key point to reduce setup time is Cut Pipe We can supply Pipe / Roller (P...

CREFORM 42mm ( Pipe & Joint System, 42mm)

Yazaki CREFORM 42mm Pipe & Joint Japan Quality ( Made in Japan ) Apply for Column is excellent to improve Strength & Stability Or it is also useful for Big / Long Trolley ( like Image photo )

CREFORM / Pipe & Joint System, Conductive/ESD, Thai

Conductive / ESD CREFORM by Yazaki ESD Gray Pipe, ESD Black Pipe, ESD Ivory Pipe Stainless Pipe Aluminum Pipe, etc.

Karakuri, Thai

Karakuri by CREFORM Because of a lot of variety of CREFORM component, we can make many types of Karakuri

Placon (Roller) Thai

Placon (Roller) made by Yazaki Kako Japan Quality ( Some parts are made in Thailand ) We have many variety of Placon (Roller) Wheel (Roller) --- Φ15 - Φ41mm We can select roller up to your demand, box, part Re-Use / Recycle Plastic wheel (Roller) can be separated from Axle / Frame

AGV Multi Function Thai

Multi Function is our original Controller for Yazaki AGV Concept : User Friendly We / You can make AGV Route / Traffic Control System / Set Detective Obstacle Sensor Area , etc. by Multi Function ) It is composed from Control Board, Touch screen, Wifi, EFID, etc. It also have Voice Alert...

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