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Asahi Kasei Advance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Currently, as a base for activities in ASEAN region, we handle a wide range of products, from textiles for clothing to textiles for industrial materials and plastic products. As a BOI-certified company, we have also obtained ITC-certifications globally.
Our some of main items are flame-resistant textiles, airbag parts, automotive interior materials, industrial filters, or resin products and so on.

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Kingdom of Thailand Samut Prakan Bangchaloung, Bangplee 62 Moo 11 Soi Wilalai, Bangna-Trad,





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industrial materials, automotive materials, yarn, spun yarn, twisting yarn, woven, circular knitting, tricot, 3-D honeycomb knitting, flame-resistant fiber, nonwoven, resin

yarn, textile, nonwoven, woven fabric, circular knitting, tricot, resin, film

Functional fibers and non-woven fabrics with excellent flame resistance, chemical resistance, vibration absorption, etc.

Purging compound for molding machine


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ASACLEAN™ ASACLEAN is purging compound for plastics molding machines. Will help you achieve greater cost savings at plastic molding site 1. Faster changeovers of material/color and reduce machine downtime 2. Effective removal of color/carbon contamination and achieve lower rejects 3. Prevention...

3-D Honeycomb Knitting

Our three-dimensional knitted fabric, which consists of a surface portion, a connecting portion, and a back surface portion, is an excellent material that combines morphological retention and elasticity by applying a column and rebar-shaped structure to the knitted structure. It is being developed ...

Flame-resistant textile (woven and non-woven fabrics)

Our woven and nonwoven fabrics using acrylic oxide material with excellent heat resistance have excellent electrical insulation, chemical resistance and the highest level of flame resistance among organic fibers. Complies with the flame retardant standard UL94-5VA. In the areas of disaster prevent...

PVDC Fiber

The PVDC fiber is manufactured by the melt spinning of Polyvinylidene chloride copolymer. Its performances stand out in the many applications from consumer products to industrial applications. Fiber characteristics ・Very High Flame Retardant in Synthetic Fibers L.O.I (Extreme Oxygen Index): 50-5...

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