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Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Bangna Tai, Bangna 1858/120 Interlink Tower 27th floor, Debaratna Road





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Various transformers, inductors, reactors, choke coils, current sensors, AC adapter battery chargers, power modules, industrial power supplies

Electrical steel sheets, ferrite cores, electric wires, molded metal fittings

Manufacture and sale of electronic components


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Reactors and coils,High-frequency transformers,Current sensors,Gate driver module

Tamura’s products have been supporting various industries and social infrastructure as “materials,” “components,” and “devices” that range from consumer products, such as automobiles and electronic equipment, to devices at manufacturing sites and natural-energy-related and aerospace fields. From r...

Gate driver module

The product for driving high-power switching semiconductors used in inverters, etc. Suitable for both IGBT and SiC-MOSFET because of its low noise characteristics. This product can contribute to drastic simplification of equipment design.

Reactors and coils

Reactors are core components for voltage control and noise removal for power conditioners, air conditioners, and the like. They contribute to energy saving and clean energy.

Power supply for outdoor LED lighting

LED power supply for outdoor use such as facility illumination and road illumination. Designed to achieve high efficiency and high power factor and equipped with multi-stage optical modulation function, the product can realize the industry’s top level of energy saving illumination.

High-frequency transformers

High-frequency transformers are necessary to miniaturize electronic devices or increase efficiency. Our products are compatible with various types of circuits and enable higher-frequency power conversion,contributing to energy saving.

Large transformers and reactors

In large-scale wind or solar power generation systems and the like, large transformers and reactors are the core components—the former are used for voltage conversion and the latter are for voltage control and noise removal. They contribute to the spread of renewable energy.

Power modules

High-efficiency DC converter functions are packaged. e modules allow you to easily design high-performance power supply (high-efficiency, low-standbypower, quiet, and small) best suited for your product.

Current sensors

In order to make effective use of natural energy, it is necessary to monitor electrical current in equipment with a high degree of accuracy. Our product line, which is broad in terms of current range and accuracy range, contributes to creation, storage, and saving of energy.

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