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Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization

The Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization is a Japanese public-interest
corporation established in 1995. Ota city is home to a cluster of about 4,000
technically-proficient small and medium-sized enterprises that excel in R&D, product development and processing-resistant work. We will show the products and technologies of Ota city, enterprises and introduce them upon your technical requirement as free of charge.

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Japan Tokyo Minami-Kamata, OtaCity 1-20-20





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we will introduce you to companies in Ota with reliable technologies

If you are searching for a processing/manufacturing subcontractor or joint development partner

Processing and Assembly

Product,Design and Fabrication

Medicai equipment etc


Business negotiation

【Product】Nishii Engineering Co.,Ltd.

We specialize in the in-house creation of forming dies and press work from prototyping to mass production. We have also established a factory in Thailand and are able to provide the technology and skills of Ota from Thailand. Reflectors - mirror surface products.

Search for your ideal partner in Ota: City of Manufacturing

Ota is home to approximately 4,200 SMEs with excellent technologies and skills. Many of these companies specialize in difficult processing, prototypes and design, and research and development. These companies have an indispensable presence in various fields of manufacturing. If you are searching for...

【Product】Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd. 

Based on these technologies, we are currently engaged in everything from materials to the machining of ball screws, as well as their sales.


We meet diverse client needs via an integrated production system from materials melting to finished product, including thermocouple, compensating wire, and electrically resistant alloys.

【Product】Eisyo Metal Co., Ltd.

Keywords for understanding us are as follows: 3D measurement, 3D CAD, and 3D scanning.


Products for machine tools. Products for analytical and measurement equipment.


Product such as small gears, precision cutting parts show Ohta’s G experienced high-precision technology.

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