FBC HANOI / FBC BKK WEB CONFERENCE was held by NC Network Co., Ltd. And Factory Network Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (FNA)during 28th – 29th October 2020 for 2 days in Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam. NC Network Group who accomplished in industrial business matching field and FNA Thai have planned to hold online business matching using ZOOM for as we are in the difficult situation of cross-border travel due to COVID-19. Furthermore, FBC Hanoi 2020, organized by NC Network Vietnam, was also held on the same day, and closed with great success, with web-based business discussions taking place mainly in Thailand and Vietnam, but also in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and other countries.

The event was co-sponsored by 31 leading banks in Thailand and 32 for Vietnam and local government organizations. In addition to this, supports are from financial institutions, government agency and so on. The number of exhibitors was 102 in Thailand (71 web exhibitors and 31 on-site exhibitors) and 130 in Vietnam (37 web exhibitors and 93 on-site exhibitors).

This year's show also invited big buyers who are looking for suppliers. CANON, FOMM, Honda Lock and Fuji Electric on the Thai side, and JUKI and TIGER from Vietnam. The items procured ranged from automobiles, office automation equipment, and electrical and electronic equipment.

As this was the first time to hold an offline and online business meeting, there were worry about the internet environment, howling and noise in the room, but it was able to hold this business meetings without any major problems. There are numerous business meetings from both Thai and Vietnam company. We received a lot of good reviews such as “Meeting was very easy without going overseas”, “Plan to expand selling target because of successful test marketing” from both sides. Some of the exhibitors expressed a desire to hold the event concurrently with other countries other than Vietnam and to hold it more than once a year.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the co-organizers and sponsors, as well as to all the exhibitors and visitors for bringing this event to a successful conclusion.



【Vietnam】FBC HANOI

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